433Mhz Remote

  • 433 remote control

    433 remote control

    Working voltage: 12V

    Static working current: ≤6mA

    Working temperature: -40°C-+80°C

    Receiving sensitivity: ≥-105dBm

    Working frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz

    Output voltage: AC and DC selectable

    Output current: ≤3A

  • DT-TX15


    Mini remote control is widely used, mainly used for remote control electric retractable door, remote control barrier car, remote control rolling door, garage door, sliding door, remote control LED light, remote control firework igniter, remote control passenger door, anti-theft alarm, electric door alarm , MP3 motorcycle anti-theft alarm, etc. If you are a factory looking for us with a remote control is the right choice, we can make the corresponding remote control according to your requirements.

  • DT-3K


    Working voltage: DC9V (6F22)

    Working frequency: 315, 433.92MHz (other frequencies can be customized)

    Standby current: 0mA

    Working current: >80mA

    Encoding method: fixed code (PT2262 chip)

    Learning code (eV1527)

    Transmission distance: Respectively> 2000m (the sensitivity of the receiving board in the open area is above -103dBm)

    Output power: 2000m (18dBm);

    Transmission rate: <10Kbps

    Modulation method: ASK (Amplitude Modulation)

    Working temperature: -10~+70

    Ruler   inch: 136*42.2*25mm

  • DT-1K


    Oscillation resistance There is no need to consider the oscillation resistance, this product will automatically be compatible with the oscillation resistance.

    Remote control distance 50-100m (in an open environment, the sensitivity of the receiving device is -100dbm)