Mini Keyboard Remote

  • 2.4G keyboard air mouse

    2.4G keyboard air mouse

    Model: DT-81

    Color: black

    System: Windows ios Android Linux

    Sensor: 3-Gyro+3Gsensor

    Amount of keys: 81

    Battery type: 2*AAA

    Control distance: >10m

    Dynamic current: <30mA

    Static current: <40uA

    Size: 170*55*19mm

    Weight: 110g

  • C120


    1 Adopt 2.4GHz wireless high-speed transmission technology, USB2.0 interface mini receiver;

    2 Effective distance up to 10±2 meters;

    3 Using frequency hopping technology to transmit data wirelessly, with strong anti-interference;

    4 sensor adopts original imported gyroscope;

  • H18


    1. Full-screen touchpad, touch whatever you want, and the operation is more convenient

    2. Three backlights can be adjusted, the instructions are clearer, and the lights can still be used

    3. Built-in lithium battery

    4. Palm-sized gaming keyboard, streamlined design

  • T6C


    1. Pairing
    1) Turn on the remote control, press the TV button and the OK button at the same time, the blue LED light will flash very fast, which means the remote control enters the pairing mode.
    2) Plug the USB receiver into other devices (smart TV, TV box, MINI PC, etc.) and wait for about 3 seconds. The blue LED light will stop flashing, which means the pairing is successful.

    2. Function keys
    Homepage: return to the main menu;
    Back: return to the previous screen;
    Cursor lock: short press to lock the wireless mouse, another press to unlock
    Browser: Open the browser
    Power: Turn off the android TV box (use the learning function)