Why choose to do OEM/DOM


1.Solve production problems

As mentioned in the second point, the emergence of the foundry is to solve the problem that the brand side does not have productivity, and hand it over to the manufacturer for production, which reduces the risk on the production line and reduces the cost of human, financial and material resources.

2.Production flexibility to reduce unnecessary costs for brands

It is necessary to understand that the production of the manufacturer is produced according to the requirements of the brand owner, and there is no need to invest huge funds, technology, talents, equipment, etc., which greatly reduces the investment cost of the brand owner, thereby improving production efficiency.

3.Print the logo on the remote can add the value & advantage, enlarge the market share with their brand logo.

Interlaced like a mountain, the foundry side only understands production but not sales, while the brand side often only understands sales but not production. The combination of the two is the effect that 1+1 is greater than 2, and the brand side has more energy to focus on brand promotion. , expand your sales channels

Why choose Doty

1.Prompt reply. Your inquiry related to our products or price will be replied within 12 hours. The company has a professional and excellent R&D team, which has a complete development and testing process.

2. OEM Service:  Help customers to promote their brands,

Our engineering and design capabilities include Software Development, ASIC Design, PCB Design, Universal Library and Learning Functionality, Custom Tooling Design and Custom Packaging And include product appearance, such as button screen printing, logo, shell color, etc.

3. Fast delivery:10-25 days according to diffirent requirements.

4. Shipping: Based on the customer’s demands to choose the most economical shipping terms and Suggest.

for sample order, ship by Express;

for mass order, ship by Air or By Sea.

We have strong cooperation with DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX, EMS.

5. After-Services: We promise to do our best to solve all of your problems.


How to order Doty customized remote

1, Communicating with sales and Choose a favorite remote control model.

2, Confirm the remote shells color, icons and function codes.

3, When all of requirements detail are confirmed, we will make a complete engineering drawing.

4, When we get the samples cost, we will start the manufacturing of samples.

5, when customer confirm the samples work well, then they decide to make the mass production remote control.