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Carplay andriod AI Box

1. The product adopts Qualcomm Xiaolong 8-core 2.0GHz main frequency, 12NM chip, 4G + 64g super large operating memory

2. The built-in 4G network all Netcom supports the following network bands:

3, Divided into: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America; (the standard is Asia, Africa and Europe) if the American version needs to be customized, the price will be expensive.


4. The built-in SIM card holder can access the Internet and make calls at the same time

5. Built in dual 4.2 / 5.0 BLE. One BLE can be used to play BLE audio and BLE phone. During a call, take the initiative to call the mic wind of the original car, and the call effect is as clear as that of the phone; Another BLE can be connected to external devices, such as BLE ODB, BLE wireless remote control, game console, etc;

6. The built-in 5g WiFi network is faster and the connection to Carplay is more stable;

7. Built in Android 10.0 system, supporting split screen function; Support googleplay and installation of various apps;

8. Support wireless Carplay and Android auto functions. After installing our system, you can convert wired carpaly to wireless, and support the Android auto function of wireless Android phones.

9. The products are as follows: SIM card, type-C, TF card plays music and video, and supports High Definition Multimedia Interface output

10.High Definition Multimedia Interface output can be connected to rear headrest and ceiling display;

11. USB has strong audio and video decoding ability;

12. The built-in GPS, WiFi, dual 4G antenna and dual BLE antenna are twice the signal reception of similar products.


Product features

1. Metal texture, concise and novel product design; Piano paint baking panel, transparent through the back, can customize the logo

2. It is the first in the industry to adopt drawer type SIM tray type card holder, which is earthquake resistant and continuous.

3. Built in High Definition Multimedia Interface, support 6K video output at most (can be connected to rear headrest and ceiling TV);

4. The main board adopts multiple anti-interference electronic design, with double screens to isolate interference and more stable performance;

5. It is the first in the industry to adopt shrapnel antenna design, no transfer, no signal interference, built-in GPS, WiFi and dual 4G antenna,

Dual BLE antenna, twice the signal reception of similar products.

6. Four positioning systems are built in: GPS, Beidu, GLONASS and UFO. The number of satellites is up to 36, which is faster;

7. Built in heat dissipation system, when the product runs large software for a long time, it will not get stuck because of the system heating, and the navigation system can quickly export the heat and keep the system running at high speed;

8. Private version, private mold, customizable software, mold, logo, packaging, market protection;

9. Warranty: three-year warranty; One year replacement without repair;

10. Simple installation, built-in antenna, plug and play;

11. The high-end configuration will not be outdated for 5 years;

Positioning of foreign markets

1, Key market countries:

1. South American market; Jeep, Chrysler, GMC, Fiat,

2. North American market; Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat, GMC, Ford

3. European market;

4. Middle East market;

5. Southeast Asian market;

6. African market;

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