What should I do if the Bluetooth remote control fails? How to pair the Bluetooth remote

Nowadays, many smart TVs are equipped with Bluetooth remote control as standard, but the remote control will fail when used for a long time. Here are three ways to solve the remote control failure:

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1. Check the power supply

The remote control itself does not have a power switch, and the battery consumes its own power all the time in the remote control, especially some low-end and older devices use the old version of the Bluetooth transmission protocol, and the battery consumes more power (taking Bluetooth 4.0 as an example, Its power consumption is only one-tenth of Bluetooth 3.0 and 2.1 versions).

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2. Re-pair

After checking the power supply, the remote control still cannot be used (mostly after the TV system is upgraded), you need to try to re-adapt. Take Xiaomi TV as an example (other brands follow the steps in the manual): Get close to the smart TV and press the remote control at the same time The home button and menu button on the device can be completed by hearing the system prompt of "di".

3. Button repair

Some remote controllers that have been used for a long time may have a button failure. This is caused by the aging of the conductive layer of the remote control. After the remote control is disassembled, there is a round soft cap on the back of each button, which can be used to remove the tin foil. Paste double-sided tape on the back and cut it to the size of the original cap and then paste it into the original cap to replace the aging conductive layer (don’t try it easily if you have no experience).

Of course, after the remote control fails, it can also be controlled by the mobile phone APP and inserted into the mouse to control. In addition, compared with the Bluetooth remote control method, the infrared remote control has the characteristics of simple structure and reliable performance, and the operation is more in line with the habits of the older generation of users. If the user is only for watching movies, there is not much difference between infrared remote control and Bluetooth remote control; but if there are requirements for playing somatosensory games, voice intelligence, etc., a high-version Bluetooth remote control is the more ideal choice (Bluetooth 4.0 is based on protocol) .

Post time: Jun-12-2021