Support for the product has achieved a win-win cooperation

In 2020, Our company received an inquiry from a Phillips customer, and the customer selected our aluminum remote control for his high-end projector after repeated screening of the products.

After selecting the product, we start the sample manufacturing and sent samples again and again. Customers arent always satisfied with the color because they want the color of sky gray, However, the color of the color is more difficult to produce than the color. After the samples have been sent several times, the customers are still very dissatisfied. For a perfect sample and to match the color of the projector, we fully understand the customer's insist for color, so we communicated 100% cooperation and improvement, and worked overtime to cooperate. At that time, we were in the factory when the factory was very busy. I tried to accompany the customer in the aluminum shell color factory once, and after many times, I finally found the color that the doctor customer is satisfied with.

It is precisely because of our insistence on product quality that we and Philip have achieved a win-win cooperation.

I believe that more and more customers trust us.

Post time: Nov-01-2021