How to restore the TV remote control failure?

As we all know, TV needs to be operated by remote control. If the remote control fails, it will be impossible to operate the TV for a long time. When the TV remote control fails, sometimes you need to take it to a professional repair shop for the repairer to repair, and sometimes you can repair it yourself, which can save a lot of time, but you must also master the specific methods. Next, let’s take a look at how to restore the failure of the TV remote control. The remote control will light up but there is no response. I hope it can help everyone.

1. After the TV remote control fails, you can re-pair the remote control. The specific steps are to turn on the TV first, point the remote control directly to the TV, and then press and hold the setting button until the indicator light is on before releasing it.


2. Then press the volume + button. If the TV does not respond, press it again. When the volume symbol is displayed, press the setting button immediately. Under normal circumstances, the indicator light will go out, and the remote control will return to normal.

3. The failure of the TV remote control may be that the battery of the remote control is dead. The TV remote control uses AAA batteries, usually 2 pcs. You can try to replace the battery. If it is normal after replacement, it proves that the battery is dead.

4. The failure of the TV remote control may also be due to the failure of the conductive rubber inside the remote control. Because the remote control has been used for a long time, the electric rubber may age and cannot transmit signals, especially the failure of some buttons, which is generally caused by this reason.

5. If the electric rubber fails, you can open the back cover of the remote control and use a pencil to smear the contact point of the electric rubber, because the main component of the rubber is carbon, which is the same as the pencil, so that it can restore its electrical properties.

Post time: Mar-28-2023